Top 5 Changes That AI Is Set To Have On The Education Industry

AI is everywhere. Whether you are conscious of it or not, the presence of automated tech is overwhelming, with applications in the average individual’s life that won’t even occur to them until it is pointed out. From online shopping, to financial trends, the data revolution is fueling huge amounts of AI technology that is shaping the future of all sorts of different industries. With an almost unlimited potential influence, it’s useful looking at the more unusual areas that AI can have an impact on. One such area is education. The importance of education is so great that it is always worth keeping up to date with how it is changing, so let’s look at 5 ways AI is changing the education industry.

Cutting Down On Admin

One of the biggest hampering forces in education is all the ‘other stuff’. It’s not as simple as sitting in a classroom with a teacher and learning, modern education is a bureaucratic nightmare at times. From medical forms, to safeguarding to insurance, there is a huge amount to worry about beyond the education of students. Artificial Intelligence can be used to automate these sorts of duties with ease and allow teachers to focus on the teaching and spend less time grading tests and calculating scores on a curve. AI will let the education come first in education.

Chatbots In The Classroom

This is an area of AI tech that Is seeing its first outings in a classroom scenario. “After their success in customer service, alternative applications for AI driven chatbots are being explored. One such area is education, where the load of a teacher with a class of 30 or 40 students is being lessened with the help of pre-programmed chatbots who can help answer the more straight forward, binary questions that kids will likely have”, explains Mac Johnson, IT writer at StateOfWriting and Essayroo. This might seem a bit ‘sci-fi’ but it’s actually a pretty simple response to the issue of the increasing burden on teachers, particularly in a high school setting.

Personalize The Learning Path

Personalization is a major benefit of AI. The more data that can be collected on an individual, the more it can be fed to a piece of AI-driven tech which can then decipher the most tailored paths through things like shopping, streaming recommendations and, now, education. “Everyone is different when it comes to education, in what they want to achieve and how they will most effectively achieve it. So using AI to tailor the experience is a no-brainer. Traditional methods of education will leave great swathes of people on either end feeling like they’re not getting what they need. This stops that from occurring”, explains Laura Washington, tech journalist at Academized and Boomessays. Personalization is one of those really great benefits from AI that should be take advantage of whenever possible.

An Education In Technology

The presence of AI in the process of education gives a wonderful opportunity for the woefully under-explored experience of technology education. Aside from those people who actively pursue computer-science degrees, the average individual is actually noticeably ignorant about technology, especially when you consider how important technology is to everyone these days. Introducing AI into standard education will encourage much needed conversations about how things like AI work, which will better prepare people for a world absolutely dominated by technology.

Smart Content

AI presents in many different forms, as we can see. In a lot of instances we barely even know it is there, in other cases it’s in the form of a physical robot that has AI written all over it. AI can help you to digitalize content in a way that feels futuristic, which can help to boost engagement and give an alternative approach to education. Digital content in the curriculum is here to stay and AI can help make it even more efficient.


Artificial Intelligence is such a rich and varied field with such a large range of applications that its integration into technology is as exciting as it is pre-ordained. Users will find their lives made easier and more engaging as they navigate the difficult task of receiving an education.

Aimee Laurence has worked in tech journalism and marketing for the past 3 years at Cheap Assignment and OXEssays. She works mainly on future tech and making technology consumer ready. She also works as a freelance editor at the PaperFellows portal.

Source: Top 5 Changes That AI Is Set To Have On The Education Industry