The Practice of Customer Experience Management: Paper for a Tweet

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I have been writing (books, articles, blog) on the topic of customer feedback and related fields (CRM, CEM, VOC)  for many years and am accumulating a lot of content. In the process of organizing this content, I wrote a short paper about the practice of customer experience management (CEM) that provides a solid foundation for a larger book on the topic.

The Practice of Customer Experience Management: The Paper

This 5-page overview explains the practice of CEM using a 6-component model and presents best practices in each component. If you are learning about CEM for the first time or understand the CEM basics, you will find this paper valuable. While the paper provides a good overview of CEM programs, it also includes over 20 links to richer online content on specific topics to help you:

  • use customer feedback to build a customer culture
  • understand the power of business linkage analysis
  • measure the customer experience more efficiently
  • measure three types of customer loyalty to grow business through new and existing customers
  • select the right customer metrics for an effective CEM program

Understand how businesses put all the CEM pieces together to create a coherent set of activities to support a customer-centric culture.

Get the Paper and Provide Feedback: The Tweet

My blog readers are a diverse crowd of professionals, each with different perspectives and insights on the CEM topic.  I am considering using this paper as a foundation for a larger book, but, before I start, I would like to see what you think.  Do you think a book on CEM is a good idea? What topics should a CEM book cover? Should I target the writing for senior executives / others?

I set up a way for you to get the 5-page paper and give me short feedback on topics you want covered in a book on CEM. All you have to do is tweet about the paper and it is yours. Simply click the cover of the paper above and send a tweet about the book (add your topic ideas!) via Pay with a Tweet  and you will have immediate access to download the paper. Download requires a tweet or a Facebook like. If you do not have a Facebook or Twitter account, don’t worry. I will post the contents of the paper on my blog in a couple of weeks.

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

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